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The Hospopreneurs Podcast

Jan 21, 2020

Guy Greenstone is the Co-Founder of Stomping Ground Brewing Co., The Local Taphouse and The Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular (better known as GABS) - a key Australian craft beer festival on the calendars of brewers. It’s here that the contentious ‘Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers’ are announced.

We explore the...

Jan 14, 2020

Co-Founder and Director of Market Lane Coffee and Melbourne Coffee Merchants - Fleur Studd - is a regular speaker at Victorian food industry events. She has previously sat on awards panels like the Melbourne Food and Wine Hostplus Scholarship is a often a university guest speaker and panelist on innovation with other...

Jan 7, 2020

Alex Shirazi is a co-founder of the Cultured Meat Symposium - a Silicon Valley-based conference on lab-grown or cultured meat - he’s the Founder of Phlint, a retail analytics firm and he’s also a really nice guy.  

We first met online, in the lead-up to Global Table - where he chaired a panel on the Future of Meat....

Dec 24, 2019

Ian Curley has had regular TV appearances, hosting his own show on Channel 7’s Conviction Kitchen and recurring guest spots on popular programs like MasterChef Australia and Yes Chef.

He's a British-born, Australian-based chef, with a career that’s spanned kitchens from Australia to the United Kingdom.

Over those 40...

Dec 17, 2019

16 years on from starting the successful Australian point of sale system, OrderMate, Mark Calabro and Shannon Hautot have invested over $2 million in seed funding for another tech startup, HungryHungry.

The knowledge obtained by developing OrderMate - providing software to 2,500 Australian venues and over 3 billion...