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The Hospopreneurs Podcast

Mar 17, 2020

Dr Darren Hughes met with 120 different investors during the first investment round of his AgTech company, Laconik. Since then, the total raise has pushed through AUD$1 million and has the support of venture capitalists and government.

Prior to Laconik, Darren held technical and management roles over a 20 year career as...

Mar 10, 2020

There aren’t many Australians unfamiliar with the smiley-faced eggs that Sunny Queen are known for.

Managing Director, John O’Hara joined the team over 17 years ago and has seen it grow from a one-channel, one product business, to the multi-faceted company he leads, turning over $350 million and employing 140...

Mar 3, 2020

Sean O’Meara’s first company, Impos, was acquired by Jonas Software twenty minutes before we started recording - but his attention remained resolute. 

In true tech founder form, Sean started his entrepreneurial journey in a garage but his recent company, Doshii, as been backed by Reinventure (an arm of Westpac) and...